Exmouth Banner Bags & Wall Hangings

The below bags were created by up-cycling advertising banners used in Exmouth, WA.

Emu Chick ‘Dry’ Bag I

Thorny Devil expandable mesh tote with green straps

Thorny Devil Tote          

Eye of the Whale

Big Fish Tote with outside pouch

Emu Slim Bag with Neon Strap

Fish & Coral Tote

Fire Computer bag

Water Splash Shoulder Bag

Ningaloo Purple/Aqua

N for Ningaloo Tote with Rope Handles

Fire & Brimstone Tote

Bag on Fire

Flying Water (2) single strap handbag with flap

Flying Water (2) Handbag

Black Fish Tote

Emu Tall Shoulderbag

Fish & Coral Tote  (2)

Water Surface Large Tote II

Beach Bucket

Beach bucket with Rope Strap

Hatchling Head  Shoulder Bag

Emu Chick ‘Dry’ Bag II

Reconciliation Bag           SOLD

N for Ningaloo Tote                        SOLD

Mulla Mulla tote with green straps
Mulla Mulla Tote                      
#Visit Ningaloo shoulderbag with hook clasp

Visit Ningaloo Shoulderbag           

Large Bluewater Tote

Bluewater Tote                    

Marlin Tote (large)                  

Flying Water (1) single strap handbag with flap

Flying Water Handbag                  

Water Surface Large Tote I

Whale Wall Hanging (large)

Rock Wallaby Wall Hanging

Green Turtle Wall Hanging

Emu Head  Wall Hanging

Turtle Hatchling Wall Hanging

Whale Wall Hanging (small)